Black Lava Fairytale

Black Lava Fairytale


The Icelandic horse played a major role in Norse mythology. Among other things they helped the gods conquer nature. In return, the very strong carriers were endowed with supernatural powers. Today, when riding with a herd of loose horses across the Icelandic landscape it’s like traveling thousands of years back in time, or to another galaxy in a movie set in an indeterminate future. In recent years, Susanne Walström has returned to Iceland many times to document the poetic interaction between horses and nature. In ”Black Lava Fairy Tale” time ceases and the saga commences; a saga in which all humans have dismounted and the horses are on their own. Arctic winds, lava burning under hoofs and new unknown dangers – are the gods still their guardians?

152 Pages
121 colored illustrations
Hardcover, bound
Languages: English / Icelandic
24 x 29 cm

ISBN 978-3-7356-0450-7

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