Curation & exhibitions

We believe in the exhibition to show pictures and get the message through. We curate, design and produce our “pop-up” exhibitions or galleries were we find a great spot. In 2017 & 2018 we produced two big open air exhibitions, The Overview Effect and Below that became a success. We had over 150.000 visitors on each one of them. In 2019 we have designed and produce a new art exhibit to show the life of insects i collaboration with Levon Biss. Later in 2019 its gona be shown at The Swedish Museum of Natural History.

If you interested to get your own art exhibition to your museum, hotel or where ever it might be please get in touch at or mobile +46-703-75 77 87


Exhibition with the insects portrait by Levon Biss
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Exhibition with Paul Nicklen & Christina Mittermeyqer
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The Overview Effect
Exhibit with Dailyoverview & Benjamin Grant
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Exhibit with Zena Hollowaw
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