Burger Queen

Burger Queen

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Tokyo 2004

Looking back on this picture, which was shot pretty early in my life, I distinguish that there comes a time in the beginning of your career when you are struck by occasional and random brilliance. And I remember feeling unstoppable in my mid 20´s. Unfortunately, that disappears after a while and afterwards it becomes very much about just working which requires periodical sustaining of process and action.

Although, I still feel very young, and my career as a photographer has barely begun. I look at this picture, which was taken over 10 years ago, I realize, however, that time has passed. My guess is that this transvestite was around 65-70 years old when the picture was taken, which means she should be in her 80´s today. I doubt, however, that she´s still alive. Late nights and an unhealthy lifestyle should have left it´s mark. 

This picture is immutable. I am very happy that I managed to get a picture of this strange character, she was an evanescence type in Tokyo's night life, this kind of an classic old-style Tokyo lady, no matter how old they get, they just continues to dripping sex from every poor. 

After taking this portrait, I told her to pull off her pants, which she immediately did. All these things were pretty new for me and I remember I thought: With a camera in your hand, you can actually be very dangerous and go pretty far with people…

Inside my apartment in Stockholm, I have only put up one photograph so far, and it´s this one. Where else should you post an old transvestite than on your refrigerator? Each time I reach for my snuff or search for anything edible, she glances at me, but when I try to get eyecontact with her, she pass by and look beyond me

This picture goes well with the interior and how I designed my room in general so I think she will stay there for a while. People use to have magnetic poetry on their refrigerators, fuck that shit, this is some real stuff. 


Fine Art Print
Signed by photographer Goro Bertz

Edition 19
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