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Vitebsk District,Belarus 2015

Boy praying after his evening tea.

From the series: ‘Old Red’
‘Old Red’ is a series of photographs of post-soviet reality which still exists in Belarusian culture. It was like walking in the past and taking images from my childhood memories in Poland. (When you walk on the streets of the capital city, Minsk, one could easily mistake themselves as being on a movie set.
The streets are extremely clean, the grass is always clean-cut, the architecture glitzy and modern. It does make you wonder exactly what may be ‘hiding’ behind this facade.) - maybe ?
Belarus, located in the far-flung reaches of Eastern Europe is the last dictatorship on the continent. This is a place where
the president, Alexander Lukashenko is seen as an unchallenged, fearsome and almost ‘God-like’
figure. Belarusians still fear the KGB and their ever-watchful eye. This is very much a place where ‘Soviet’ mentality is still the


Fine Art Print
Signed by photographer Jadwiga Bronté

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