We must have been to thousands of exhibitions, museums and galleries and most of the time we find that all the information about the work that is presented is the name of the artist and sometimes a title. Why is that? If you find great interest in a painting or a photo when you see it for the first time, it will grow to become a relationship between you and the work when you get to now the story behind it.

That is why we made it a rule at UpOnwalls that no photos here will be lacking that story. In fact we started UpOnWalls in part out of the frustration we felt when we stood wondering why, what, where and how a photo was taken.



Through our work within the field of graphic design and communication, we have over the years worked with many highly talented and interesting photographers. We have seen how many beautiful photos they have taken for their clients and on private trips, which are never used but remain hidden on hard drives or in archives for no one to enjoy.

We want to makes these photos available to photo art lovers by producing high-quality prints and selling them online in limited series. Each print is individually signed by the photographer.

Before we present a new artist's collections we ask what the other photographers in the team think. We have the highest respect for their professionalism and everyone involved needs to be comfortable with whom they are exposed along with. 

This is not a photo factory. It is a place where ambitious photo storytellers can share their stories with you – sometimes political, sometimes abstract and sometimes simply beautiful – and maybe you will find something that you want to take home and put up on your own walls.