A date gone so wrong

A date gone so wrong

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«What is going on here? Are they tearing down?
Are they building up? Who are they?
The city lives and dies and lives again.
Lives and dies.
This is their heritage.
Someone has bequathed it.
Someone shaped and whirled it into motion.
Something happened and it cracked in two.
Pieces flew everywhere.
Strange noices came.
Like a creature writhing in agony.
Who are they? What are they doing?»

(words courtesy of Staffan Bengtson, translated by Ken Schubert)

In the middle of Stockholm, back in 2015 you found Slussen, a functionalist traffic machine that was about to be torn down with an aim of  "blandifying" the city a bit more. These are our memories of Slussen a few months before the demolition started in earnest.

Fine Art Print
By Deadline Art Collective
Photography Susanne Walström

Edition 19
100X150 cm - €1200
65X100 cm - €890
43X65 cm - €490

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