Is a collaborative art project created by Kristian Pohl (1961) and Eirik V Johnsen (1959). The outer framework of the project is an exploration of boundaries and outposts of modern (and ever changing) Europe. The starting point of the project is collaborative and they decided to utilize deadline art as their method. Kristian and Eirik were introduced to the deadline art concept in 1986, guided by legendary visual artist Lavasir Nordrum, and when they established «deadline art collective» in 2000 they decided to use the pressures that typically exist the commercial world as the engine of their creative process.

A deadline art project is created in a specific place, with a defined underlying mantra and working within a limited timeframe (usually between two and four days). During the deadline art period they have to create at least one work of art each day that has to be presented to an audience in a gallery online or in the physical world. In some projects this can go so far that they open an exhibition that consist only of empty picture frames and fill the frames during the exhibition period.

Deadline art collective will work with other poets and storytellers as the project requires – in the projects that are currently presented «Up On Walls» Susanne Walström and Annica Thomsson were working with Eirik and Kristian in «Requiem for Slussen» and «Red Sector», respectively. Up On Walls are exited host future deadline art projects in real time (think empty picture frames that gets filled during the exhibition period) so stay tuned for new projects.

Kristian is working as a commercial photographer in Stockholm, Eirik is a visual strategist working out of Oslo. They met at Nordens fotoskola in 1985 and have worked together on different kind of projects since.

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