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From the collections of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History


The Project
Microsculpture is a ground breaking project by the British photographer Levon Biss that presents insect specimens from the Oxford University Museum of Natural History like never before. These images reveal an unexpected and often breathtaking beauty and make visible the many intricate adaptations to the form of insects - what entomologists call their microsculpture.

Created through a collaboration between Levon and the Museum, this series of beautifully-lit, high magnification portraits captures the microscopic form of insects in striking high-resolution detail. Displayed as large scale photographic prints up to 5 m wide, the Microsculpture project provides the viewer with an unique opportunity to study and appreciate this hidden world.

Hjo, Sweden - The Samskoleparken
July 1 – September 7
The open air version of the Microsculpture Exhibition is on show in Hjo. Starts July 1 to September 7.
Located in a beautiful park in the center of the old town of Hjo.
How to get here >>

Stockholm - Swedish Museum of Natural History
September 28/2019 – July 30/2020
An even larger version of this stunning exhibition will be on show at The Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm later this year. Program and events is coming up in august.

Interested to hire the Exhibition
The Microsculpture Exhibit is for hire in the Northern Countries by UpOnWalls.
Please contact us at or +46 703757787

Levon Biss is a British photographer born in London. For the last 20 years Levon’s photography has continually developed and his curiosity has seen him work across a number of photographic genres including reportage, sport and portraiture. He has exhibited in print shows around the world and his work is permanently housed in a number of museum and private collections. During his career Levon has received numerous awards and in 2016 he was presented with a Fellowship to the Royal Photographic Society.

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