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Karolina Henke

Karolina was born in south of Sweden in Gothenburg. Her interests when brought up was ballet and dance. She started to dance when she was 4 years old and kept the passion for it until today but behind the camera. At her Nineteenth birthday she got her first camera and since then she´s hooked. She worked at the time in an adverticing agency as an assistant Art Director and that is where here intrest grew and she applyed to school of Photography in Stocholm. After this education she became assistant to various Photographers in Stockholm and later on in New York City with among others the famous artist Andres Serrano. Since 1999 she has been with the agency Skarp Agent and has worked with clients such as IKEA, Childhood, H&M, Lindex, Ericsson, Nokia, Saab, Peugeout, Marks and Spencer, Polarn & Pyret, Boots, Libero, Tom Titt, Tui, The Royal Opera, The Royal Theater Dramaten and Magazines like: La Petite Magazine, Wallpaper Magazine, Hooligans Magazine, Mini Maven, Little Revolution Magazine and The Way We Play.

Lately she has been workin on a new project and her exhibition Back To Nature has been on tour around Sweden and expecting to go abroad as we speak. 

She has been exhibited in Fotografiska, Architect Museum/Modern museum of Art Stockholm, Kulturhuset, Virserums konsthall, Tomelilla Konsthall, Abecita Konstmuseum, The Royal Opera Golden Foajé, Bikini Berlin, Galleri Radio Berlin and The Photogallery.

Karolina Henke has a unique ability to direct her models into strong personal expressions. She is creative, with an imaginary storytelling, open-minded and always works hard with her team to reach the upper right corner of artistic integrity and imaginary perfection.

Karolina uses the world as her field and without any borders.